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Zuzana Kaifoszova, Managing Director

After graduating from the Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague in 1976, Zuzana began practicing medicine at one of the prestigious clinics in Prague. She completed her postgraduate studies in 1985, and is board certified in internal medicine. Full of enthusiasm she believed that all patients are granted equal access to innovative treatment. This was not always the reality in her practice for many reasons. Not being in a position to challenge the situation Zuzana has decided to leave her medical practice and joined the pharmaceutical industry. Zuzana had then worked in different senior management positions for more than 17 years on national and regional levels at major pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies. Her passion to pioneer new projects, work with different stakeholders and influence the healthcare environment led her to a decision to accept the invitation to design the Stent for Life Initiative in Europe. One of the most exciting projects of her life. During the past 8 years, 22 countries from Europe, Africa, Asia and South America actively participated in the Initiative, one of the most successful guidelines implementation programs of a decade. Gaining access to Innovation. Building Coalitions. Saving Lives.